Alpine Fellowship Award at NYU

NYU Draper Scholarship

We are excited to announce the collaboration between The Alpine Fellowship and NYU. We have decided to endow ‘The Alpine Fellowship Fund’, which will be used to provide annual awards to graduate students enrolled in the Draper Program. The purpose of the Fellowship is to support students who are dedicated to exploring crucial questions of the contemporary age by giving fresh voice and amplified volume to work that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries. The ideal students seek to explore the connections across and between humanistic fields of study, to build bridges across disparate fields of study in the humanities, and to creatively synthesize the arts, literature, philosophy, and other humanistic fields of inquiry. Recipients will be chosen by the Director of the Draper program and the Draper admissions committee, in partnership with the Dean of the Graduate School.

The recipients of the Alpine Fellows at NYU are invited to attend the annual Alpine Fellowship as visiting fellows.